Mamá Lola

A unique (and colourful) Mezcal brand.

Mezcal is one of the most recognized alcoholic beverages (or spirits) in Mexico. Its tradition dates back to many centuries. Traditionally it is obtained from the agave plant and it takes a rigorous process to obtain it. In this project, the client required a friendly, playful and worthy representative of Mexican culture. We choose to embody the modern part of Mexico through the simplicity of the label and the clean shape of the bottle, including its cultural complexity through the colour and natural elements that distinguish it.
We decided to develop illustrations made in watercolours, which were then carefully digitized and edited to generate many versions so we could decide on the shades that best represented Mexico at its roots. We contrasted these elements with a minimalist and sleek design that will also communicate the current craftsmanship work that is carried out in the country and the cultural wealth that makes up each of the states of the Mexican Republic.