One smart way to invest your money with the use of an App.

The brief for this project included the creation of a brand identity that would embody a company, an application, and friendly character (or avatar) at the same time. The design process happened along with the mobile application development and prototyping phases. Some of the aspects that were crucial for this brand were to be a genderless, welcoming, energic, positive and friendly. This has to be that way because the product was intended to be used primarily for people who are not regularly related to finance serviced or information.
With that in mind, the brand has to be a “translator” between the user (youth people) and the complex world of personal economics, investments, financial information, etc. Moneyko app plans to connect users with the interest to save and invest their money and get easy and fast results from that. Vanuva created the brand name (Naming), the brand identity and participate with the initial concept for the App Design and the UX.